Private Services

To organize party events is our passion. We don’t limit just to weekly pub crawls, but also organize private party plans, daytime activities and hire 3rd party services. But this is just a glimpse into the many things to do in Cluj with us.

As it is a student city, Cluj is always rich in fun events. Starting from music festivals & various fairs, to secret parties and fancy events, so you don’t ever have time to get bored. That’s exactly why if you have some party advisers such as us, will save you a lot of time and deliver just the right experiences!

Daytime activites

With a huge variety of things to do, Cluj is perfect for any daytime activities! City tours, extreme sports, spas, pool parties or trips near Cluj are just some of the things that we can help you plan! For any specific crazy idea, we are more than curious to hear from you! And if you want to check just how many options you have, we highly recommend our partners from!

Bachelor/ette party plan​

For this unique life event, we have you covered! One of the best things you can do in Cluj is to celebrate your bachelor/ette party: vibrant clubs, welcoming people and a fascinating nightlife for a great holiday experience. Just provide a brief message with your group's expectations and so we'll do the rest! P.S.: we can also add limos and great dancers as a surprise!

Transfers & guides bookings

Besides the services we provide, we also work with transport companies and certified guides. This way, your plans to visit the city’s surroundings will be easily done.
If you require transport, we may include: minibuses, private cars, buses, limos and even party buses.
We can hire guides that are specialists in daytime city tours, pub crawls and outdoor landmarks.
Safety, fair prices, top quality and fun are promised from our behalf anytime.